Parachute Meditation Group

No thought for today! Every Wednesday 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the Methodist faithhouse in Parachute, Co.

What is Passage Meditation


“The method of meditation presented here can be followed equally well in any religion or in none. I think that is the real secret of its appeal. It belongs to no movement, asks for no change of beliefs: it simply allows you to take the ideals you respond to and gradually, gracefully, make them part of your character and your life.”


Author: Bud Ross

I have practiced meditation for 21 years. I have two sons, great friends and our meditation group is the best. I almost forgot to mention My dog Rocky. He enjoys meditation also. Bud

2 thoughts on “What is Passage Meditation

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  2. Passage meditation is one of many methods of meditation. In passage meditation the object of our meditation is our selections of passages from sacred literature. For example a person might repeat the words of the prayer of Saint Francis, word for word with their eyes closed, repeating each word slowly to themselves. If their mind wanders, as it sometimes does one starts from the beginning again. As time goes on a person will become more aware of who they are, become more at peace with themselves and be able to more fully understand the meaning of the passages they meditate on.

    Passage meditation is nondenominational and each person is free to choose the passages they want to meditate on.

    Eknath Easwaren taught this method of meditation for more then 30 years at Berkley and at his Blue Mountain Meditation Center in Tomales Ca. and is the originator of passage meditation.

    The Parachute Meditation Group is a group of people from western Colorado who meet once a week to practice passage meditation.

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