Parachute Meditation Group

No thought for today! Every Wednesday 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the Methodist faithhouse in Parachute, Co.

Vipassana and Surrender

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Hi everyone:

We are starting a new project for our group.  We will spend about a half hour of practicing vipassana meditation and one half hour discussing and studying the book, “Letting Go The Pathway of Surrender” by Dr. David Hawkins.

The meditation will help us improve our insight by making us more aware of our emotions feelings and sensations and our letting go exercises will let us release our negative emotions.

Our meditation should help us to become aware of what we need to release.  We call this practice, spiritual progress on Steroids (just kidding).




Author: Bud Ross

I have practiced meditation for 21 years. I have two sons, great friends and our meditation group is the best. I almost forgot to mention My dog Rocky. He enjoys meditation also. Bud

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